When You Make A Mistake

When You Make A Mistake

Can you embrace it as helpful feedback?

In No Rules Rules (shortlisted for the 2020 Financial Times & McKinsey Business Book of the Year) Netflix co-CEO Reed Hastings explains why he believes the Netflix culture of allowing people to make mistakes has contributed to the rapid growth and success of Netflix, when it’s supported by an equally strong culture of kind and honest feedback.

The sort of feedback that not only ensures people learn from their mistakes - but do better next time.

Kind and honest feedback. How many of us give ourselves that?

Do you struggle with allowing yourself to make mistakes? Do you find it hard to view mistakes kindly – are you more likely to fall into harshly criticising yourself, spending your time focusing on what you did wrong, regretting your actions, feeling stuck? 

Maybe this is an area you need to build more resilience?

There’s nothing wrong with taking time to reflect when we make mistakes. It’s important to acknowledge and take responsibility for our actions.

It's also important to be kind and honest. To acknowledge what we did right too, and how we might do things differently next time. To balance our reflection with a constructive and forward focus.

So if (and when) you make a mistake, let go of harshness, judgement and comparison. Instead, ask yourself, kindly and honestly, what happened, what could you have done differently, and what could you learn, improve, or do better, for next time? Then put your focus on that - and move on.

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