Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Launching or growing your business? How business coaching helps.

Are you self-employed or running your own business? Now ready to focus on growing further?

Perhaps you’re considering working for yourself and becoming your own boss? You’re excited and at the same time nervous; you want to seize the opportunity but you're wary of the risks too?

Or maybe you're at a crossroads, or you’ve hit a difficulty?

Wherever you are, business coaching will support you to reach your goals. It might be:

  • clarifying - or reviewing - what you want to achieve from working for yourself
  • identifying your strengths, and positioning them for the greatest appeal and impact
  • taking what you do to the next level, for more success, and to make a bigger contribution
  • refocusing or reinvigorating what you do
  • tackling unhelpful thinking patterns, like procrastination, perfectionism, unhelpful comparison with others, imposter syndrome
  • developing a specific skill, like managing meetings, dealing with difficult clients, recruiting or leading your team
  • achieving the work life balance you want and building your business to align with the life you want to live

‘Working with Sue helped me develop a real sense of momentum around my new projects and stay focused through the transition from employment to self-employment. It’s also been confidence-boosting and fun!’ BR, Homeopath & Mindfulness Teacher

Could business coaching help you? Why not give me a call or drop me a line to arrange an informal chat? I'm ready to help.