Hands On Help

Got a challenge? Need practical, 'hands-on' support?

If you're like some of the people I work with, you might sometimes find practical support for your business helpful, as well as business coaching. When I work with you in a hands-on way, I'm one of your team, a partner in the success of your business. I’m at your side, working with your interests at heart.

It might be:

  • recruiting a key member of staff - hands-on support to clarify what your business needs and translate that into a job and person specification; draft the job advert; prepare interview questions; give feedback to the ‘no thank you’ candidates
  • undertaking a staff or customer survey - hands-on support to clarify the purpose of your survey; craft survey questions; interview staff or customers; produce summary feedback reports; coach you or your managers to turn feedback into meaningful action
  • facilitating a team retreat - hands-on support to decide and prioritise the agenda, embracing all party’s needs; run team sessions; follow up on actions agreed, identifying and overcoming any challenges that arise.

‘Sue is able to relate to the challenges and difficulties I have, she really cares about how things are going and how my clients are, and she wants the very best for my business. Being able to have her expertise and wisdom to apply to the challenges I have experienced has been invaluable.’ HP, Managing Director, Creative Arts Academy 

Do you have a project or challenge that you feel could benefit from hands-on help? Then why not get in touch - I’m happy to discuss what support I might be able to offer.