Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Want the best in your career? How career coaching helps.

Are you keen to grow, ready to step up and play bigger in your career?

Maybe you want to make more impact in your current role.

Or perhaps you feel you’ve outgrown where you are and you want something new.

You’re wondering if the job you’re doing is the right one for you - or even if you’re in the right career?

Do you feel a need to get more meaning and filfilment from what you do?

Maybe you're not performing as well as you hoped, and you want and need to quickly ramp up your skills?

Are lack of confidence or unhelpful thinking patterns holding you back?

Procrastination, perfectionism, negative comparison with others, imposter syndrome... is your inner critic an unwelcome squatter in your head?

Facing redundancy?

Do you want to future proof your skills and financial security so you won’t be vulnerable to changes that come your way?

Perhaps ensure an active and secure retirement? 

Or is working for yourself becoming increasingly appealing?

Whatever your career challenge, career coaching will support you to achieve what you want to achieve.
It might be:
  • Finding out what really makes you happy and motivated at work
  • Developing your career and excelling in what you do
  • Getting promoted, landing a new job, or even a new career 
  • Having more confidence, more resilience, more recognition, more influence
  • Taking a career break - or returning to work after one
  • Transitioning into self-employment 
  • Achieving better work life balance and building your career to align with the life you want to live

What clients say: 

‘I now know what I want to get out of life and work. I've built my self-confidence and I can look at things with a fresh perspective and clarity. Sue instils in me a great sense of optimism and purpose. I've successfully changed career, from a job in which I was feeling underutilised and demotivated, to one which I am enjoying immensely, and which should offer me plenty of future opportunities.' JA, Community Initiatives Manager, Food Industry

Could career coaching help you? Why not give me a call or drop me a line to arrange an informal chat? I'm ready to help.