You can work with me face-to-face, by phone, through video platforms like Teams, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or Google Meet, by email or by using a combination of all four.

Face-to-face sessions usually take place at my home - in Helpston, a pretty and peaceful village in Cambridgeshire, where you can totally relax and have the space to focus on you. Or if you prefer a more active approach, we can meet in the grounds of one of my local country parks for 'walk and talk’ coaching.
I’m flexible about the duration of sessions as I appreciate that not everyone fits into a timed ‘box’. My goal is always for the session time to fit 'you', and if you have a time by when you'd like a session to end, I will always work to that time.

In general, face-to-face sessions usually last between one and a half and two hours; telephone, Skype and Zoom sessions tend to last an hour up to an hour and a half.
This varies from client to client, and will depend on where you are now and what you’d like to achieve. I offer open-ended coaching, which means that you decide how long you’d like to continue working with me. I always aim to work in the most practical and time effective way to meet your needs.
As I offer a range of coaching options depending on each person's needs and circumstances, the best way for me to discuss potential costs would be by us having a short informal chat, to find out more about 'where you are at' and how I might best be able to support you.

I won't pressure you - there's no obligation to continue after our chat. (It's just as important to me that the 'fit' is right between us as it is to you.)

I also offer a full money back guarantee if you don't find your first session helpful - no questions asked.
I arrange appointments in the day and evening, and I reserve some weekends too. I'm very flexible and will always endeavour to fit in with your needs.
We’ll make a plan to fit you. For instance, you may like:
• sessions every week or two to work on short term goals
• sessions every month or two to work on longer-term goals
• ad hoc sessions to deal with specific challenges as they arise
• impromptu, brief ‘laser’ coaching sessions to resolve urgent issues
Whatever your needs, I’ll always endeavour to accommodate you, and to make sure you receive the support that’s best for you.
In your coaching sessions, we'll agree assignments and actions for you to do to help you move forward. I’ll also ask you for any reflections or insights after each session, and to keep me updated on what’s working well, or any challenges that come up.
And I’ll ask you for feedback too, to help us measure progress and fine-tune your coaching.
I’ll usually ask you to complete a personal questionnaire. This gives you the opportunity to share information with me before your first session, to ensure your coaching time is spent as practically and as productively as possible.
Distance is no object - I work with clients from all over the world, and am happy to juggle time zones. Telephone sessions, or those using video platforms like Teams, Zoom, Skype, Google Meet or WhatsApp can be the perfect solution for convenience and flexibility.
I’ll treat everything that we discuss in strictest confidence and never disclose your personal details to others, subject to requirements placed on me by law, or if I have a serious concern about your safety or the safety of others. You can be sure I’ll always treat any information you share with me with due care, respect, security and diligence.
Follow these seven points and you won't go far wrong...
1. Be ready to put energy and commitment into our work together.
2. Prioritise ‘me time’ for yourself to prepare for your coaching sessions and engage fully in your sessions in the moment.
3. In each session, make notes of the things that matter to you and any actions we agree.
4. Be conscientious about carrying out those actions.
5. Be aware that patterns of behaviour and thought that are helpful and unhelpful can often become apparent as we work together. Be willing to accept my support to change the unhelpful ones.
6. Be receptive to any feedback and challenge from me that draw your attention to blind spots in your thinking or that encourage you to widen your comfort zone or perspective.
7. Tell me about your progress, any difficulties or concerns you have, and give me feedback about what works best or not so well in your sessions. Help me stay tuned in to you and what you need.
I'm accredited as a Master Executive Coach by the Association for Coaching (AC) - which means I’m professionally accredited at the highest level as a Coach, and that I’m committed to the highest coaching standards and ethics, regular supervision, and continuous professional and personal development. I’m also one of the most experienced Accreditation Assessors for the AC.

I have a university degree, and am professionally qualified in Human Resources (HR), Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, as well as Coaching.

I’ve been a coach since 2002 and in that time I’ve worked with hundreds of people across diverse functions and at all levels; in the public, private and voluntary sectors, SMEs and start-ups; with people working for others and for themselves; people both from the UK and other countries (Argentina, Australia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Canada, China, Dubai, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Rumania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, USA). I’m at ease working with different time zones and with different cultural backgrounds.

At the start of my coaching career I worked with Fiona Harrold ('the country's top coach' - The Independent), and became the lead career coach on Fiona's team, during which time I wrote 'Reinvent Your Career - 7 Steps to the Job You Love', published by Hodder Mobius.

Before 2002 I had successful careers in HR, Customer Service and Operational Management, working at senior level in both the UK and Australia, in Banking, IT, the NHS and the BBC. In each, I ‘worked my way up’ and built a reputation for getting things done and making a positive difference.

I'm passionate about good customer service and only work with a small number of clients at one time to enable me to give you my best attention and commitment.
That's a great question, as the 'fit' with your coach can make a vital difference to the effectiveness of your coaching. I'm very happy to have an informal chat with you, where there's no obligation to continue, which can really help you decide - so do feel free to get in touch.

If I look at the people I work best with, some characteristics stand out:

They are honest and direct, with me and with themselves. They are thoughtful and open to change (even if sometimes wary of it too). They are conscientious about attending their sessions and following up on any actions agreed. They're not looking to be told what to do - rather, they're looking for someone who will help them think better so that they can make their own best decisions. They want someone who is 100% interested in them, in their view of success and meaning, with no hidden agenda. They want to be all that they can be, and want concrete, practical coaching to help them achieve it.

If that sounds like you, I think you will find a great fit with me.
Have a chat with me.
I offer a free, informal, no obligation phone, Skype or Zoom chat (usually, this lasts about 20 minutes) to help you decide if coaching is right for you.
Although coaching is very powerful, it isn't appropriate for every situation, and I’ll always endeavour to suggest an alternative way forward for you if this is the case.
You can call or email me at any time to arrange an informal chat.
I'm sorry! I do always respond to any emails or phone messages, so if you don't receive a response from me please be aware this means either I haven't received your message, or, due to the nature of some spam filters, my email may have been sent to your junk mail or spam folder, or on occasions, disappeared into the ether.

So please do check your junk or spam if you are expecting to hear from me and don't, and if there is still no response, do please try again!

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