I was thrilled with how our first session went and love your practical hands on approach, with actionable steps - it's exactly what I needed. I already feel more confident about the actions I’ve taken and can see this having an incredibly positive effect on my life.

Sue is acutely perceptive, warm, intuitive, thoughtful, with an ability to get to the heart of the matter very quickly and to look at it with a 360 degree perspective.

Sue’s a great listener, warm, quite strict in that once we have set upon doing something, it gets done. Excellent for people like me! I like the way she gets her head round the total story, however long and convoluted it is – she is totally interested, not just paying lip service - and then she sorts through the issues…

I feel like I've landed. I feel blessed that I'm able to bring together all my own gifts. The session I had with you was very rich and I have drawn on it over and over again. It was without question the best coaching I have had.

My co-director and I have worked together with Sue and we have developed improved partnership and effective communication as a result. I honestly don’t think we would still be working together if Sue hadn’t coached us through this! I can’t recommend Sue highly enough. Her combination of deep skills, knowledge, kindness and professionalism is exceptional.
Working with Sue has enabled me to keep building and challenging myself, my self-confidence, and explore more areas in depth. It’s not always comfortable but it is always very worthwhile. I am able to dig deeper into my own mind and Sue helps me feel safe and credible enough to do this.
Sue is eminently qualified to coach you towards creating that perfect career and doing work that you love. I have seen her support people in turning their lives around and making existing careers work better, or creating entirely new ones. Use Sue as your personal coach. All her tips, techniques and strategies have worked for her and her clients and they'll work for you.

I've been so lucky in finding Sue. What has made all the difference is that she has a business background in the business 'real' world. She recognises exactly the world I work in, the types of people I interact with, whether good or difficult, and that gives her total credibility.

I was in need of direction and wanted a change in my career. Having a neutral party involved was extremely beneficial as there were no expectations. I really enjoyed being challenged through questioning to determine whether a particular decision was the right one for me. I achieved beyond what I expected with Sue and am now undertaking further training in an alternative profession that is an exciting match to my interests and skills. Receiving assistance and guidance in writing my CV was also extremely helpful and organisations have commented on the professionalism of its layout and content.
Sue is an experienced AC Accredited Master Executive Coach, the consummate professional when working with clients, who maintains best practice in her approach. She is an intuitive and insightful Coach and Coaching Supervisor who continually seeks to raise the bar, whether working with clients or with fellow Coaches. Sue brings a level of empathy in her work balanced by a pragmatic approach. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sue to anyone who is considering being coached – it will be one of the best decisions you can make!' Jeannette Marshall, AC Director of Accreditation

Thank you again for all your help Sue, it's been invaluable. I really was at the end of my tether in terms of anxiety towards my career. It's excellent to have a plan in place to address all the issues that were concerning me.

I guess what I'm trying to say is a huge thank you! I feel great. You've given me direction, vision and hope. I can't believe, in such a short space of time, how much you have helped me. You have a real talent and skill and I feel very privileged to have worked with you.

Sue has a way of being able to ‘hold’ all the stuff I throw at her – all my different needs, the incidental bits of information – and weave them together into something that makes complete sense.

I have not taken much time to reflect on myself before and Sue's coaching provides the perfect medium in which to do this. In the process I got real insights into myself and these coupled with Sue's guidance have helped me focus, create compelling plans for my future and re-energise towards achieving my goals. Sincerely, thank you, Sue. Would I use Sue again? Absolutely!

I’ve achieved major changes in my business and personal life. Regular telephone sessions with Sue have provided me with inspiration, practical techniques and the determination to succeed – she is a very special person.

I now understand what makes me feel fulfilled in my career and I am able to focus on this day-to-day to ensure I remain happy in my working life.

Sue has a knack of getting to grips with absolutely anything, making suggestions that just make so much sense. I still can’t believe I’ve got through it all – Sue has helped me with so much more than I thought anyone could.

I’ve gained complete clarity over my career. Sue understood me as a person very quickly and offered just the right amount of support. She gave a unique combination of empathy, philosophy and practical application that got right to the core of my issues.