10 Things I Guarantee As Your Coach

  1. I’ll be your thinking partner, supporting you to think and act at your best.  I’ll help you understand what you really want - what success and fulfilment truly mean to you - and join up who you are with what you do, authentically and impactfully.
  2. I’ll be totally interested in you. Your hopes and aspirations, your fears and frustrations, what you most value, what you most need, where you most shine… it all matters to me. 
  3. I'll ask you thoughtful questions to help you find the solutions that are right for you, that will make a long-term, sustainable difference to you. 
  4. I’ll give you support and encouragement, (really) listen, accept and believe in you, even when you struggle to believe in yourself (in fact, especially then).
  5. I’ll help you develop and capitalise on your strengths - and identify and change any unhelpful thoughts or patterns that might be undermining your happiness and success.
  6. I’ll be your biggest cheerleader when you succeed, whether that’s big and impressive or small and incremental, and your biggest champion supporting you through any tough times.  
  7. I’ll offer different perspectives if you get stuck, nudge you if you hold yourself back, help you get the best from opportunities, think through consequences, and champion, challenge and cajole you to get to where you want to be.
  8. I’ll tailor your coaching specifically to you, sharing strategies, resources and contacts with you whenever I think they’ll help – because if there could be an easier way for you, I want you to know.   
  9. I’ll be straightforward and practical, kind and honest, warm and intuitive, and 100% focused on you.
  10. I'll walk my talk. If you don’t find your first coaching session helpful, I give a money back guarantee – no questions asked.