Land That Job!

Looking for a new job? Have an interview coming up?

Some people seem to be able to just walk into the job they want, while others struggle to achieve that elusive job success. If you’d like to be an effective job hunter, and land the job that's right for you, I'll help you:

  • know what you want - understand the job you want to land, and define a clear target to aim for
  • craft a CV that does you credit and nails the shortlist - one that represents you at your best, draws attention to your strengths in a way that's relevant and meaningful for the job you want, and rather than saying, 'here I am, take a look at me' says, 'here's how I can help you' - and then demonstrates exactly how
  • be confident and engaging in interviews - how to make a positive impact and connection, showcase your talents, answer the questions you dread, and (just as important) ask the questions you need to ask
  • harness the best job search techniques for you - recruitment agencies, job sites, LinkedIn, networking, speculative applications...?
  • get feedback to strengthen your application - ensure you plug any gaps  that the successful applicant could demonstrate
  • build your personal marketing plan - to secure the job you really want.

'I went for the promotion and got the job! I’m going to work with a new spring in my step and really cutting the mustard after just a few weeks.' RF, Technologist, Retail UK & Europe

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