Executive Coaching

Want to grow, perform at your best and make a positive difference?

Do you like to do a good job? Want to develop, and make a positive difference along the way?

Do you also work in a challenging environment? Sometimes struggle with the challenges - and opportunities - you face? 

I'd love to work with you. 

Most top organisations offer coaching to their leaders and talented people. With good reason - it gets positive results, and done well, it’s a great win/win.

Whether you're sponsored by your employer, or you hire me directly, whether you’re an emerging leader or an established one, or somewhere in between, executive and leadership coaching will give you a safe, impartial and confidential space to share your aspirations, voice your concerns, work through your challenges and achieve your best work.

As your coach, I’m your thinking partner and sounding board. Between us, we’ll create a constructive and creative partnership where you can think at your best and be your best. 

Where you can:

  • focus on both your personal and professional development, the goals you want or need to deliver, the opportunities and challenges you face
  • clarify what to do, unlock different perspectives and options if you feel stuck, prioritise if you're overwhelmed with conflicting needs
  • overcome blocks, confusion or frustration
  • build your resilience and confidence
  • challenge your assumptions about yourself - and those of others
  • raise your performance where it counts
  • achieve impact, influence and presence - and the success and growth that matters to you. 

I’ll help you determine what you’d most like to focus on, and then we’ll do just that. 


  • making a powerful impact in a new, more demanding role
  • playing bigger and excelling in your current role
  • finding your authentic voice - or helping others to do so
  • managing your boss, or team 
  • transitioning from an operational to a strategic mindset
  • leading others successfully through change - or navigating change better yourself
  • developing your leadership skills to become an inspirational leader.


  • building collaborative and constructive relationships... or managing a difficult or toxic one
  • clarifying how best to capitalise on the talents you already have, and identifying the best ones for you now to develop 
  • handling the demands of your workload with calmness and positivity
  • overcoming self-sabotaging thinking patterns - like procrastination, perfectionism, self-criticism, unhelpful comparison with others, imposter syndrome
  • creating better work life balance, and aligning your career with the life you want to live.

Whether you want to focus on a specific and pressing issue or operational objective, on a more strategic and challenging project, or achieve deep professional growth and impact, executive and leadership coaching will provide the support you need to achieve your goals, perform at your best, and grow to your full potential.  

‘I've been so lucky in finding Sue. Her business background in the business 'real' world means she recognises exactly the world I work in, the types of people I interact with, whether good or difficult, and that gives her total credibility. I'd never have got to where I am today without her support. It's made all the difference.’ Melanie Miller, Senior Account Manager, Insurance, UK

Could executive coaching help you? Why not give me a call or drop me a line to arrange an informal chat? It might just make the difference you're looking for.