Stay On Track

'We cannot direct the wind...

but we can adjust the sails.'

These well-known words, attributed to singing legend Dolly Parton, are a useful reminder of how we can connect with our strength and capability when we feel at the mercy of events. 

Whenever you feel you're battling the wind, use this simple tool to help you keep on track:


Ask yourself:

  1. What do you need to stop doing in order for your life and work to be better?
  2. What do you need to start doing?
  3. What are you doing that’s already spot on - what do you need to make sure you continue doing?

Whenever there are high winds in your life, stay on track by taking time to check where you’re headed, and adjusting your sails accordingly. 

Are you battling high winds in your life, and struggling to adjust your sails? Why not arrange a free and informal chat with me? Let's talk.