Confidence Starts Here

Confidence Starts Here

What to do if you're having a wobble.

If you find your confidence is waning, focus on this.

What are your personal standards and values in life: your code of ethics?

These aren’t prompted by how you think you ‘should’ be, or how you think you need to be to impress others.

On the contrary, these are the qualities that make you feel good ‘on the inside’, that you are naturally pulled towards. They’re the standards that are most important to you, and that you admire and respect in others.

They cut to the very core of you and reflect your true - and best - self. 

Henry Ford, inventor of the modern motor car, said, ‘Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.’

What’s important to you to 'do right' when no one is looking?

This is your blueprint for a life of authenticity and personal integrity.

It's also the foundation stone for your confidence.

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