An Active Retirement?

Do you want an active retirement - 'putting your feet up' not for you?

Retirement is changing. 

Many of my clients don't plan to retire to a life where they put their feet up. 

For some clients, it's a matter of financial necessity. Like Diane, who needs to plan her career in a way that will ensure work extends into her retirement years and generates an additional income to top up her pension. 

For other clients, it's because they want their retirement years to include work - work that is interesting and stimulating, and often 'gives back' in some way. Like John, with a few years left in his financial services career, now studying psychology and retraining part-time as a counsellor, with the intention of working flexible hours in future, helping people. Or Kathy, now free to explore her passion, who's training as a yoga coach.

And then there are the clients who view retirement as the next, exciting phase in their life and want to make the very most of it. Like Maria, designing her life to include a vibrant combination of travel, study and volunteering. 

'Quick thinking, clear-headed, warm-hearted and intelligent, Sue has a real ability to (nicely!) provoke you out of a rut and encourage you to think laterally.' EH, Media Consultant, UK

Are you similar to Diane or John, Kathy or Maria, needing to work out how to future proof your skills and financial security so you won’t be vulnerable to changes that come your way, or wanting to plan for an active retirement that's interesting and challenging? Want to make sure you make the very most of your 'third age'? 

Then why not give me a call or drop me a line to arrange an informal chat? Let's talk.